smart lux

about smart lux

SmartLux phototherapy is a relaxing and effective machine used for wound healing, pain relief, skin, hair, and dental rejuvenation. It delivers healing power and energy of light composed of red, blue, yellow and IR with high-intensity SLDs (super luminous diodes) developed by phototherapy technology.

Synergy Effects

- Enhance post-laser and post-surgery wound healing

- Reduce pain, bruising, edema, erythema and scar formation Improve skin tone and texture and alleviate wrinkles

- Improve cell reproduction and
accelerate rejuvenation of skin

- Anti-inflammation

Types of light

Blue light 420nm sterilises the skin which is beneficial for the treatment of acne.

Yellow light 590nm treats problems of blood circulation, Bruises and swelling, post-plastic surgery, vascular lesions, skin radiance, rejuvenation, anti-pigmentation.

Red light 635nm promotes cell reproduction, skin recovery, accelerates wound healing, hair and scalp treatment, boosts skin radiance.

Infrared 830nm for reduction of inflammation, provides pain relief