Advanced Consultation

Experience the pinnacle of skin care analysis with our Advanced Consultation, priced at $110. Our clinicians use the cutting-edge MoreMe Gen Analyser to delve deep into your skin's layers, providing a visual analysis that goes beyond conventional diagnostics. This state-of-the-art device offers unmatched insights for diagnosis and treatment recommendations, from identifying conditions such as rosacea and pigmentation to assessing your skin’s unique structure and patterns.

During the consultation, you'll have the opportunity to witness the underlying health of your skin through advanced observation modes, giving you a comprehensive understanding of your skin's needs.

In our specialist upstairs private room, you're treated to tea or champagne, followed by an in-depth aesthetic consultation. We follow with an LED mini-facial in our downstairs treatment room.

The LED treatment unveils your skin's true potential through specialised LED analysis, showcasing visible concerns and underlying damage with precision and clarity.

With LED Diagnostic Daylight Mode, we highlight visible skin concerns such as fine lines, uneven tone, and redness, providing valuable insights into your skin's current condition. Meanwhile, LED-UV Mode unveils hidden imperfections, from pigmentation to congestion, allowing us to tailor treatments that address your skin's individual needs.

Using this Smart Lux technology, we can reduce inflammation in the skin, which helps with anti-ageing. The LED blue light also helps combat bacteria. We then conclude with a mini-massage and finishing products.

As a follow-up, you'll receive an extensive email detailing our recommendations, ensuring your skincare journey continues beyond the consultation room.

Whether you choose to proceed with immediate treatment or prefer to explore your options further, our commitment to excellence ensures that you leave feeling informed and confident.

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