Loose & sagging skin

Revitalise your skin’s youthfulness and the supple bounce of natural elasticity. Our treatments help you shed years off your appearance and empower you to embrace the confidence of radiant skin.

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Are you concerned about loose and sagging skin?
Over time, skin loses its youthful firmness and natural elasticity, particularly around the jawline and neck, which can add years to your appearance. We offer multiple skincare treatment options designed to firm and tighten your skin from head to toe. These innovative treatments target key areas of your body where the appearance of sagging skin is apparent, helping you reclaim a true sense of confidence in your body.
Recommended Treatments
We offer an array of professional treatments tailored to address your unique skincare concerns. Depending on your specific requirements, we can combine these treatments to achieve superior results. By customising a blend of these offerings, we help you unlock the desired appearance you’ve always wanted.
Real people, real results
Real people, real results

Some of the incredible transformations our clients have experienced

Treatment: RF Skin needling 
Results: After 3 sessions

The impact we've made

"I've been struggling with stubborn fat in my midsection for years, but after just one fat reduction treatment at Àesthetica, I'm already seeing a noticeable difference. Thank you!"


"I had been feeling self-conscious about loose skin on my arms and was hesitant to wear short-sleeved shirts. But after getting RF skin tightening at Àesthetica, I feel so much more confident and love showing off my arms!"


"The team at Àesthetica made me feel so comfortable and confident in my decision. I'm thrilled with my results and highly recommend them!”

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