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CRYO-LIPO Contouring Plan


Experience the power of advanced technology with our CRYO-LIPO contouring plan, designed to help you achieve your desired body shape by eliminating stubborn fat deposits through non-invasive means.

  • Includes
    4 x Fat Freezing sessions
  • Treatment time
    1 hr 20 mins. No downtime (some swelling).
  • Discomfort
    Mild discomfort.
  • Expectations
    Visible results as early as 3 weeks with the most 
dramatic changes appearing after 2-3 months.
Please note

We require ALL new clients to book in for a "Body Consultation" before booking any treatments or packages, as our treatments are on the High-End scale with all (TGA Approved) Machines.

Excellence demands the best technology

We exclusively rely on gold standard machines to ensure exceptional outcomes.
Clatuu Alpha
Perfect non-invasive treatment that removes stubborn body fat

The Clatuu Alpha can non-invasively freeze off fat from your double chin and down to the knees, thanks to a wider range of applicators equipped with 360 surround cooling technology. Customise sessions with your therapist and comfortably experience body contouring like no other.

The impact we've made

"I've been struggling with stubborn fat in my midsection for years, but after just one fat reduction treatment at Àesthetica, I'm already seeing a noticeable difference. Thank you!"


"I had been feeling self-conscious about loose skin on my arms and was hesitant to wear short-sleeved shirts. But after getting RF skin tightening at Àesthetica, I feel so much more confident and love showing off my arms!"


"The team at Àesthetica made me feel so comfortable and confident in my decision. I'm thrilled with my results and highly recommend them!”

Experience personalised care like never before

At the core of our ethos is the commitment to offer honest and practical treatments that enhance our clients' beauty, instilling a long-lasting sense of confidence through a holistic approach.

Accredited Excellence
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