clatuu alpha

The Gold Standard Solution to Reduce Stubborn Fat

CLATUU ALPHA is the world No.1 Dualsculpting system with precise 360° surround cooling that achieves maximum coverage of the treatment area and provides fast and effective dual handpiece fat-freezing treatments. The CLATUU system maintains a constant target temperature that prevents unwanted side effects with a proven track record of dependability and clinical efficacy.

Science Behind ALPHA

Each cooling applicator is engineered to target the patient’s subcutaneous fat layer without damaging surrounding tissues or nerve regions, It is through this advanced cooling technology that we are able to welcome you to the Innovative Age of ALPHA.

about this treatment

With a simple press-and-release mechanism, the CLATUU Alpha allows maximum convenience and makes switching cooling cups as simple as possible. Detaching cables or turning the system off is not required even during treatments.

The CLATUU ALPHA’S wide range of cooling cups are designed to perfection within our R&D labs and are suitable to conform to a large variety of body shapes and patients. Each individual cup helps to achieve a variety of customized treatment plans to effectively reduce fat cells for the ultimate dual sculpting body contouring experience.

After laborious testing and research, each individual cooling cup has been ergonomically designed to adhere to each curve of the body.

The CLATUU ALPHA has been optimized to achieve desired outcomes from head to toe.

Having accumulated countless hours in research and development, the CLATUU ALPHA features a revolutionary approach to absolute, non-invasive body contouring through a more powerful cooling technology.

360° Surround Cooling Technology unlike the conventional two-sided cooling methods, increases efficiency by up to 18.1%. Allowing delivery of cooling to the entire cup and in result removes fat cells more effectively.

The CLATUU ALPHA has the ability to have two high-speed handpiece applicators treating at the same time allowing dualsculpting to take place.Faster to Target Point

The cooling system of the CLATUU ALPHA is engineered to reach its target temperature faster than previous models, reducing the inconveniences of waiting and maximizing time efficiency for both patients and physicians.

Not only is the CLATUU Alpha capable of 20% stronger suction, it also provides medical practitioners with the ability to adjust both cooling and suction levels to confidently provide customized treatments for patients.