Genesis Q-Switch

What is Genesis Q Switch?

Aesthetica’s Genesis treatment is an overall skin rejuvenation treatment that leaves your skin looking plump and glowing and is best before events or in between treatment plans.

Laser Genesis treatment is a safe and effective treatment for those battling against acne, acne scars, signs of ageing, and other imperfections.

Even high-profile personalities like Kendall Jenner have opened up about their acne battles, and laser genesis became their go-to treatment.

Genesis is a laser that works by gently heating the upper layer (or dermis) of the skin through thousands of micro-pulses of light.

Genesis isn't invasive or painful, and bonus, it can be done on your lunch break.

How Does Genesis Work?

The treatment works by penetrating the skin’s surface and gently heating the upper dermis where collagen lives. The heat stimulates the collagen to regrow and improves the skin’s quality from within. Additional heat is generated when treating dilated capillaries to reduce redness.

The heat from the laser stimulates collagen production, can break down scar tissue, and helps to shrink blood vessels and diffuse redness.

Genesis Benefits

Genesis has many benefits, but it's predominantly loved for the way it gives you instant results and a natural glow.
It's also a great laser for managing ageing as the stimulation of collagen production can help smooth skin and minimise the look of fine lines.

Other Benefits
- Restore skin tone and texture
- Reverse sun damage
- Reduce the effects of acne scaring and other visible scars
- Genesis can be done while breastfeeding, but it's not recommended during pregnancy or for anyone on Roaccutane treatment.
- Decrease Pore size
Best of all, though, genesis works for all people, all skin types and all skin tones.
This means it's a great laser option for darker complexions where other types of laser treatments may not be suitable.

Have acne-prone skin? Genesis can benefit you, too.
The laser is able to deliver enough heat into the skin to help kill acne-causing bacteria and diminish the look of active acne, while simultaneously helping to lighten redness or any post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation spots caused by the acne.

How is a geniuses treatment performed?

After using a gentle cleanser and exfoliant to remove make-up or skin care products we start by using a mild alcohol swab to degrease the skin to allow better laser penetration. The face will be divided into sections than using the geniuses mode on our Cosjet device the treatment will preformed the treatment can take up to 15 mins depending on how many passes and ended with an LED and Clincal products.